Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★

the part where the mom decides to go back to the airport and tries to catch Lady Bird before she left hit me so hard.

When I was beginning to transition to college, my mom would always say "I can't wait until youre gone! youre so annoying" and i would reply "youre annoying too! im so sick of you nagging me!".

When my parents dropped me off to my dorm and were about to leave me, my mom said "finally, youre gone! don't cry for us haha!" and i would say "thank god im away from you! don't expect me to cry!"

I came home after my first HORRIBLE week of college and my mom said "i'm so glad youre home. I actually missed you and when you were gone for the first night, something felt missing." and my dad told me "your mom almost cried the first night!!"

i didn't cry the first night. But i did have a dream of my mom barging into my bedroom back at home, telling me to wake up. I woke up facing the side of the wall (just like my bedroom), thinking I was back at home. My dream felt so real, but it wasn't.

watching the Lady Bird airport scene reminded me that i really do miss my mom and even if my mom and i don't show it, we actually do love and care for each other. I also take my mom for granted, because now that i spend so much time away from my family, i wish was never eager to find out how it feels to be away from my mom (now that i know how it feels). college is hard and it's harder when youre lost and homesick.

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