The Wrestler

The Wrestler ★★★★½

“how are you feeling?”
“well, i don’t feel like hercules”

another gem in darren aronofsky’s tortured artist repertoire, the wrestler is an absolute powerhouse of a film. mickey rourke’s performance is nothing short of phenomenal. randy the “ram”, is a battered wrestler desperately clenching on the vestige of his former glory days. his wearing physicality is a spectacle. the brutal nature of this profession isn’t logical or economical but it completes him in a way that family and love can’t. 

there are no flashy psychological gimmicks, we’re merely witnessing the deterioration of a deeply dedicated performer. randy is a walking embodiment of his lifestyle’s repercussions. handheld, gritty shots elevate the rawness of his condition while its rusty color palette magnifies the character’s sheer blood, sweat and tears. the wrestler has no doubt carved a special place in cinema for itself. 

and sean penn was great but mickey rourke deserved that oscar! 

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