Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

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I wanted to start 2021 with something good and i couldn't have picked much better than this. It is a marvellous movie. A look at the plot synopsis may fool someone into thinking this movie is pretty simple but there's a lot going on and all of it is wonderful. It is shot immaculately and is pretty much a treat to watch. The story gives a careful insight into the positives and negatives of alcoholism without being too on the nose about the message it is trying to convey. The performances are all top notch with Mads Mikkelsen in particular shining. The characters are all likeable, relatable and have serious chemistry with each other. I could watch these four homies get drunk and mess around for hours and still have a smile on my face. It is also funny when it can be but equally serious when it has to be and i think the moments that are serious work wonderfully. The music is great and as icing on the cake, it has an epic ending. Everything about it is *chef's kiss*. Thomas Vinterberg, well done!

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