Interstellar ★★★★

Haven't seen this since 2015 and my biggest film regret was not going to see this in the cinema. Either way, it's just as good as i remember it.

There's a lot to like. It's one of the most beautiful movies i have ever seen. The use of an ever-changing aspect ratio was an excellent idea because it was a way of letting the audience know when to pay close attention and when to marvel at the visuals. The score is typically excellent. The human characters are genuinely likeable and they managed to make me care a lot. There were actually two points where i was almost tearful(doesn't happen often). There were also a few tense moments. TARS and CASE are awesome too.

Although it does feel like it needs every second of its 170 minute runtime, i can't deny that it feels extremely long. I'm also not a fan of some of the dialogue in this movie.

This may be a big budget blockbuster but on top of being entertaining, it blows your mind, makes you wow at how stunning everything looks and gives you characters to care about. Couldn't ask for more.

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