Perfect Blue ★★★★½

Before watching this, i looked at the run-time. About 90 minutes. I thought, "Hopefully it'll be a good, short, laid back anime movie." Wow. I didn't know it would be so intense.

This is just as much of a thriller as it is a mystery movie. The plot summary does not do it justice, and the story as a whole is way more compelling than you'd think. There were several times that it made me question what's really going on here. At around 55 minutes, i thought i had it figured out then it made a huge swerve. It isn't actually confusing but rather, it keeps you guessing. The level of mystery keeps you intrigued and on edge. Mima is such a lovable character and what happens to her can happen to anyone. As such, some scenes made me really uncomfortable and it all culminated in a brilliant reveal at the end. I didn't see it coming.

This is now one of my favourite movies ever. It was a blast to watch. It pretty much played me like a fiddle. Watch it!. I know i will see it again.

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