Upgrade ★★★★

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What an awesome movie. The direction, the editing, the choreography, the protagonist, the main antagonist, the humour and the action as a whole come together to make this arguably the most fun I have had with a movie in months. I was also incredibly impressed at how good and futuristic it looked on a modest budget. I can't imagine what Leigh Whannell would do at the helmet of a blockbuster giant. Initially I was afraid that we were just going to go back to the well with yet another by the numbers revenge story with the added twist of being set in the future. It's more than that and it had me surprised.

It does have problems though. Like I said, it is fun but i just did not feel any real tension at any point in the movie. It's not exactly "edge of your seat" stuff. On top of that, apart from smiling at one of the protagonists successes, I wasn't so emotionally invested. At the cost of a great antagonist, the secondary antagonists were very forgettable. It just seemed like they were bad men for the sake of being bad. Above all, I could see almost exactly where the movie was going to go and even though the ending was pretty good, I wouldn't say it holds up well to scrutiny.

I like "The Invisible Man" more but this puts Leigh Whannell up there with Ari Aster and Robert Eggers as my favourite up and coming directors.

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