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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    The ultimate edition is the only version that should exist.
    Jesse Eisenburg ruined every scene he was in and was easily the worst part of this in every way.
    The cinematography, music, fight scenes, and batfleck are all incredible

  • Evil Bong 777

    Evil Bong 777


    The final conclusion to this cursed series. I did it, I survived 8 evil bong movies. All the hope that I was given from 666 being decent tho, immediately thrown out the window. We went right back to the lazy half made garbage of 5 & 4.
    This supposedly takes place in Vegas but besides some stock images it doesnt matter. What does happen tho, is an extremely uncomfortable sex scene between some random lady and a 12 foot tall Elvis…

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  • Killjoy



    Unwatchably bad. Lazy. Stupid. And worst of all, boring. How is a movie that's only 70 minutes long going to have 10 minutes of just opening credits and then makes everything drag. Every single scene feels like molasses. None of the characters flow or make sense. The dialogue is dry and soulless. The music is either non existent or just stock music from a media player. Bad horror is fun, this isn't even bad tho, its unacceptable.

  • The Core

    The Core


    A good ol fashion shut up and enjoy it movie. Snooty scientists can stay home. Prententious film critics can stuff their mouths for a bit. This is a banger that demands Coca-Cola, soggy with butter popcorn, and the ability to enjoy an adventure to the center of the earth.