Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

We were in the need for a light movie with some laughs and this was advertised on Netflix so we went for it and had a good time. Not a great time, but a good time.

There was a little bit too much high school clique drama, which sort of turned off Hyunsook as she has seen too much of it for someone who never experienced a US high school. Once the movie started doing new things and started subverting the genre, however, it got more interesting, and we were both much more on board.

It was really nice to see the movie start with one set of expectations, build them up, tear them down as relationships falter and break down, and then start again on a new foot. I went back and forth a lot during this, always entertained, and I was happy it landed on a high note that I had not predicted.

I also really liked the sort of Patricia Highsmith vibe I got from it, imagining what it would have been if she had done comedy.

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