Upgrade ★★★★½

I saw this was on TV from the morning listings in the newspaper and I announced the schedule and Hyunsook indicated she would be busy but encouraged me to watch since she would not have to. It turns out she had to take an international phone call and I was able to watch all of it without disrupting her around the TV and I even got some grading done.

I was very impressed this time with Betty Gabriel, particularly when they show her in close up searching through the records to see Grey in his wheelchair near the house where Serk's brother was found horribly murdered. Her face is so intent and you can really feel how she is determined to do her job even as she is trying to figure out why things do not add up. It is nice to see this sort of competence in contrast to how easily she is dispatched at the end, sort of a metaphor for the entire story where technology takes charge and overwhelms the human factor before anyone is able to put up any resistance.

Again, an impressive movie no matter how much I have seen this.

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