Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

i don’t even know what to say because i’m on SUCH A HIGH right now, but i am completely, 100% back on my star wars bullshit after this, can’t believe i let all the bad reviews trick me into thinking i’d hate it.

of course everybody’s welcome to their opinions, but most of the criticisms i’ve seen i either don’t understand, don’t agree with, or i think are downright petty. perhaps after i sleep on it i’ll realise some of them were right, but at the moment i’m absolutely living.

i can’t deny that the plot was kind of all over the place, and yes, this was one of the most bizarrely paced & edited movies i’ve ever seen, especially for a huge franchise like this.

by the time the credits rolled though, i realised i’d spent the whole movie on edge, waiting for them to commit whatever horrible crime it is that made everyone hate it so much, but it never happened for me. i really am so relieved. i loved it!!

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