Suspiria ★★★

on the fence about this one. i expected to have a strong emotion either way, but i’m kind of surprised by how unaffected i feel. you’d think this would be exactly my kind of movie. i loved the subject matter/story, and this kind of savage witchy violence is something we’ve long been overdue for. i’ve never seen the original suspiria, so i don’t know if the mythology set up in this one is the same, but that was probably my favourite part. i could watch a whole series on the three mothers. the way it was all presented though was just not my cup of tea. y’all know i don’t care for the artsy fartsy. i could feel the smugness coming from the director at some points. i think overall i didn’t love it, but i definitely didn’t hate it. probably would only watch again as a rehash if they ever decided to do sequels. reserving the right to change my mind later if like, i fall in love w dakota johnson like the rest of you lesbians or something.

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