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This review may contain spoilers.

basically just a rehash of the first one, has its fun moments, but ultimately a rly mediocre time with no big scares and more questions asked than answered. there’s just a lot that doesn’t make sense. the way this one starts in particular is really confusing, and doesn’t confirm one way or another if blue skeleton were ever actually dangerous.

the irony is, they have their twist endings mixed up. the first movie tells the story of bunch of idiots thinking it’s only a game, and inadvertently walking right into the hands of murderers, and that’s exactly what it turns out to be. that changes with the sequel ofc, but as a stand alone, having blue skeleton turn out to be killers is actually the most boring possible ending because it’s the one you’re teased with the entire time.

for this one, unlike the first, an ending with real danger and death would’ve been perfect, if not for any other reason than to punish these dummies for doing this again. make it a prank, sure, but make it a prank gone wrong. the big punk’d reveal was actually pretty good, if a little obvious, but follow through. this literally starts with a news report saying it came to a “tragic and bloody conclusion.” bitch where??

i think i was also just at a point by then where i wanted brandy to kill them, they’d made me so angry. i was suss on them all ever since the end of the first one because their coffins looked different, but they were also the absolute fucking worst in this. the way they all treated her for its entire runtime made me want to commit a murder.

aside from the dumb story, this also wasn’t as realistic as they thought it was. i get the vibe a lot of it was improvised, they obviously used their real names, a lot of the haunts were real, etc. and all of that was done to make this seem real and immersive for the viewer. it’s more believable than a lot of found footage i’ve seen, but not as much as they think. not believable enough for THAT much filler. the eating contest and following puke in dumpster scene felt like it went on for fucking ever. 

highlights, i liked the zombie run, the soundtrack, and brandy and porcelain holding hands. i’d probably watch these again to like, have a nap to or something.

edit: i’d just like to add, you know when you hit maybe like the 50 minute mark of the first movie and all the haunted house footage starts to blur together and it’s kind of dizzying, like you can’t even take in information anymore? that’s this movie almost the entire time. the incoherent shaky camera haunt tour mess goes on for so long you start to forget who you are.

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