Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

"Have you seen that in a gift shop?" - Sassy Ancient One

I really liked this film on a re-watch. Cumberbatch is an amazing Strange and really carries moments that could be ridiculous. Its insane and at times creepy visuals are a treat to watch (even though Nolan is coming for Feige's ass after stealing a lot of shit from Inception). The supporting cast are great too. Swinton is as good as always as the Ancient One, plus its always nice to see actors give it all for what is obviously just a pay check job. Ejiofor is incredible as Mordo and I really liked his character arc and am excited to see him in future Dr Strange films hopefully. Wong stands out too, as does the cape! It has numerous problems though that after binging through the MCU, have become noticeable for several films in the universe.

Again we have an average villain in Kaecilius that whilst performed well by Mads is just another villain to be stopped and then never be seen again. There is another boring love interest in Christine and Strange himself is very similar (although not to an annoying level) to several other MCU characters, such as Iron Man, Thor and even Black Panther. The arrogant privileged man/god forced to become humble. The thing that actually annoyed me the most though is the SERIOUS under-utilization of Michael Stuhlbarg. He is a phenomenal actor that can steal scenes (and entire films even) with supporting characters. In this though he is literally a no-one. Not a real comic relief character, not a real rival to Strange. A no one. Here is an actor that could have been an immense character in the MCU. Dr Doom comes to mind if they want to build him into a major, Thanos level villain in the future. But he was completely wasted. Fucking Egregious.

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