Barbarian ★★★★★

A sort of triptych about the horrors of being a woman, but it’s not as exhausting as that might sound. A labyrinth of tunnels and twists, you can’t get a full picture until the end. One of those movies that reviews can’t do any justice, you need to see it for yourself. 

The first act is the trailer, Tess shows up to her rental and sure enough someone else is already staying there. Skarsgård is mild-mannered and awkward, but the tension is still increasing as the two get to know each other. Leering shots of open doors and hallways with no clear end used for maximum anxiety.

The second act introduces a new setting and characters. It’s not clear initially how they connect but as they develop the theme becomes clear. A delight in retrospect, the execution is just so good, but it’s an anxiety-inducing watch. I had no idea just where it might go next, it creates dread in one area and then springs some new terror at your feet.

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