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  • From Here to Eternity

    From Here to Eternity


    Happy Memorial Day, in honor of those who've made the ultimate sacrifice.

    From Here to Eternity is a strong best picture winner, going into the events of Pearl Harbor from the eyes of the men who served when the attack happened. There are two strong Oscar winning performances here and a few others that are strong as well.

  • The Greatest Show on Earth

    The Greatest Show on Earth


    This is a technically well made movie. The costumes are quite nice, and the circus scenes are exciting and unique. It's over long though, and the story barely holds it together. The train crash scene ends it off strong and while it's not one of my favorite Best Picture winners, it is far from the worst.

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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    Excellent world building, good characters, good action scenes, and an overall interesting concept makes this so great in terms of scifi movies and movies in general. Glad I chose this as my first watch of the year.

  • Premonition



    Bullock is good in this. But the story is all over the place, and the ending is not great.