The Half of It

The Half of It ★★

tdlr: this movie seems to be caught between 1976, 2020, and 2005 all at once.

‘76: all of the people in town attend church. there’s a marriage proposal at 17? and that’s normal? also NO ONE has ever been outside of this random washington town. 

‘05: the tropes! i feel like this ghostwriter thing has been replayed a billion times. also i guess reading books is still quirky. oh, and inconsequential cheating.

the jokes! haha guy can’t read or express himself in letters hahahs hamburgers and milkshakes. 

the clothes! two characters look modern and the rest wear early 00s stuff, especially the popular girls. and all high schoolers look 25 at least.

‘20: very great rep, though it’s handled oddly. lesbians! an east asian main character!

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