Terminator: Dark Fate ★★★

"I'll be back"

A few years ago I had the honor to meet Linda Hamilton at Fan Expo Canada and she was the nicest person ever. She felt so bad that I ended up having a longer wait that she literally took my hand and kissed it when I walked over. Truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life!

The first two Terminator movies have both always been one of my favorite movies and Sarah Connor has always been one of my favorite characters. So this story means a lot to me. Terminator Genisys is possibly my least favorite movie of this decade because it just handles everything so badly. I swore after that I would never see another new Terminator movie.

Then they announced Linda Hamilton was returning and I was back on my bullshit!!! I don't think I've ever gone so back and forth on if I actually wanted to see a movie in theaters in my life.

But there I was first showing on opening day watching this movie...

This movie was stupid. Very messy dialogue, CGI galore, started off with a pretty... awful story choice...

But I actually ended up having a good time with this.
Linda Hamilton was kick ass and her introduction on the bridge with the theme song BLASTING was all I ever wanted tbh.
Arnold was his typical self but it was still charming this time around and they actually took interesting turns with him that wasn't too stupid (like Pops...).
I also ended up enjoying Mackenzie Davis a lot as Grace and Natalia Reyes did a good job as a passing of the torch character.
The action was messy but I won't lie I had quite a fun time watching it lol. Especially the first action scene/chase that went on for about 15 minutes!

Overall I ended up leaving the theater feeling like I could say this truly is the actual THIRD Terminator movie. Obviously not even close to the same quality as the originals but it just finally felt like some kind of actual continuation. Just stupid fun bullshit.

Also to the people who are trying to claim this movie is trying to turn the series "overly feminist" can you just like... shut up? Have you SEEN A TERMINATOR MOVIE?!?!

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