Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★½

After almost being killed by Ginnie, Jason returns to wreak havoc on the Crystal Lake community.

I"m not sure which Friday movie I saw first. It was either part 2 or part 3, but I do know that part 3 was the first movie that absolutely TERRIFIED me, and made me become a die hard, life long Friday the 13th fan. The movie is brutal, even by todays standards. Jason kills everyone in the movie. The only people who were in the movie he didn't kill were the Harbinger, Vera's mother, the cashier at the store, and of course, the survivor girl Kris (or any of the cops who show up once everything is done. And I might have been off in my counting, but i think the official body count is 12 (13 if you're pro-life and count Debbie's unborn child). That's a lot of fucking people! ANd while it's a pretty staggering body count, even by todays standards, it doesn;t really come off as gratuitous. My judgement may be biased because I'm such a huge fan, but it never comes off as killing for the sake of killing, or to appeal to gore whores of the times.

The movie starts off with the ending of part 2. Which I still find fascinating. We all know the scene! Jason is chasing Ginnie, when Ginnie runs into Jasons shack, throws on his moms sweater and fools the poor dummy into thinking that she's his mom. It doesn't appear that fascinating, but it is if you think about the beginning of Part 2. In the beginning of part 2, There's a little kid splashing around in puddles at night singing some sort of nursery rhyme, when you first see Jason. He's out for vengeance! He came to slaughter Alice for killing his mom. And if you think about it, it's the only time Jason ever left the confines of camp crystal lake, on his own accord to kill somebody. He's killed plenty of offsite people before, but only because he was stuck in a morgue, in a coffin,etc... he wasn't going out of his way to kill them, it was just convenient for him. That's why I always loved Jason more than say Mike Myers or Freddy. Mike myers just killed people for the sake of killing people. Just a crazy guy in a mask. And Freddy was a child rapist. Jason so much more complex than that. There's a pathos to him that just isn't present in any other horror icon. BUt that's another 500 word essay, let me stay on topic.
So Jason goes to kill Alice, but that is such an anomaly. Not because he went off site to kill her, it';s because he was actually able to do it. First he had to find out where Alice lived. Which was no easy feat back in 1980, he couldn't just google her name. Stalking was tough in the 80's. He not only had to know her full name, he had to know what county she lived in so he could find the appropriate phone book to look in. So I guess he had to go to the library and do a little research. Then, the second problem is, he's in New Jersey! I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Jersey, but it's one of those states where you absolutely need a car. NJ Transit sucks ass, and they don't really cover a lot of the area. But for arguments sake, lets say he got himself a bus schedule, and got on the bus, with his moms head in a bag, all set to kill Alice. He walks over to her place, stealthily sneaks in to her apartment, throws his moms head in her fridge, then hides in a dark corner waiting to stab her with an ice pick. Now, he was intelligent enough to do all of that, yet by the end of part 2, he's so dumb he can;t distinguish his mom from Ginnie. I have some asinine theories, but this isn't about 2, it's about 3.
When I was 9 and first saw this, and the millions of times I watched this as a kid, I seemed to be always attracted to either Vera or Kris. BUt The last time I watched it, and this time, I chose another girl. And when you look at it, she's far hotter than any of the women in the movie. It's Edna, Harold's angry and nagging wife. I understand why I didn't see it as a kid, because she's got the curlers in her hair, an ugly house coat, terrible Jersey accent, and always has a scowling ouss on her face. But if you look at her face, her eyes, lips, she is waaaay sexy.
I did make two new observations with this movie. The first is that there are two scenes with people taking shits, and neither time did the shitter bother to wipe their ass (Harold and Chuck). The one scene with Harold is especially gross because he's sitting on the can and you hear all sorts of vile plopping noises, he gets up to investigate a moving drape, and when he realizes nothing is there he turns around and walks back to the toilet (you'd think to wipe his shitty ass), but they show the toilet, and there's nothing in the bowl.
The only interesting, new observation is, while Jason is known for killing people with a machete, he kills in so many different ways in this one. I guess I always knew that, but I never really thought about it in those terms. I'm still unsure of what was used to kill Shelly. They don't show the moment of Jason slitting his throat, they just show him stumbling in the room trying to warn Chilly. Here's how it breaks down:
Harold: Meat Cleaver
Edna: Knitting needles
Fox: Pitch Fork
Loco: Pitch Fork
Vera: Spear Gun
Shelly: Undetermined
Debbie: It's debateable, But it's actually a knife, not a machete, the blade is too narrow, and has a scalloped point
Chuck: Electrocuted
Chilly: Red hot poker
Rick: Head Crushed by Jason
The only two confirmed deaths from a machete are Ali and Andy. So he ended up killing the same amount of people with a pitchfork than a machete

Another thing I found curious, but I"m sure it was just some accident and didn't have any underlying meaning was when Shelly and Andy are juggling. Andy's juggling oranges, and Shelly's juggling apples, and they're juggling in two distinctly different styles. Andy's doing the traditional crossover style, and Shelly is doing a continuous loop. The whole apples and oranges adage, while they;re juggling two distinctly different ways... I don't know why I found that interesting. Maybe I had too many beers.

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