Alita: Battle Angel ★★★★

#52FilmsByPOC 2019 pt. 5.

I am really tired of watching exceptional women characters in movies falling in love and being willing to sacrifice themselves for mediocre at best guys. Here we have a heroine who is generous and compassionate, intelligent and tenacious all on top of being literally the best fighter on the planet, and her love interest is...a not very bright street kid who assaults and mutilates cyborgs like her and only repents when he realizes she's going to find out? And he's not even that cute. I think this is the world male screenwriters wish for, and they are foisting it upon us with the hopes that life will imitate mass media: all you have to be is a minimally acceptable white dude and the ladies will find you irresistible.

Anyway, I assume the extra lore that wasn't in the anime comes from the manga, and while I do prefer the former's stripped down nature, I like most of the additions here. It's no secret that cyberpunk is back, but in a sort of superficial way, so it's nice to see a film in that mold (light on the cyber, heavier on the punk than the anime) that tries to do something different visually than the standard Blade Runner-isms.

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