Suspiria ★★★★

#52LGBTQFilms 2018 pt. 44.

Ironically, I guess, for a movie that tries so hard to be retro, this one screams 2018. Stylistically it's a summation of everything that has been trendy in art films lately, mixed with everything that's been trendy in horror films lately, like it's A24: The Movie or some shit. It's undoubtedly long, but it didn't feel too long, and Tilda Swinton is all kinds of amazing (I mean, at least three kinds of amazing amirite?). On the other hand, it's not as foreboding or clever as it thinks it is. We're in a golden era for witch movies right now, and I'm not sure this earns a place alongside The Witch or Thelma. Respect to Guadagnino for depicting women in their power in opposition to the evil that men do. Additional respect for not trying to imitate Argento, for a bravura climactic sequence, and for just generally pulling it off. In retrospect, it's pretty surprising that we went this long without an Argento remake, and honestly it's way better than it could have been.

Cf. Hereditary

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