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  • The Holiday

    The Holiday


    There is something here about the nature of the "holiday" and cinema but mostly I'm just giving it the benefit of the doubt when it probably is trying to turn creepy Jack Black into a legitimate love interest.

  • Siberia


    I’ve felt hypocritical, on the surface, as to why I liked this but not Eraserhead (viewed a few days prior). Both are mirror pieces edging on that "no-man's-land" I do detest, but this perhaps is less so, with significance. Maybe I’ll have a few more words come the rewatch with my partner (reworded: when I force my partner to sit through this), but do imagine if Ferrara rested his demons as a strawman upon the Atomic Bomb. Or any fairytale…

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  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock


    It’s not a dream / It’s all a dream. An intentionally contradictory, two-sided, artificial trash masterpiece.

    1. "IT WAS NOT A DREAM" - The "Secret" Misogyny of DJ Evan Webbmaster. Absolute upheaval (break at the limits) of the idyllic household, any possible progressive façade, and dissolution of a falsity of home adornments that Roth’s camera seems determined to gleefully glide through. All it took was free pizza, and he's not getting enough of it at home. a) Yeah, he “likes”…

  • Bones



    The blood is the capital. It takes that old horror trope and remodels it into: we're (collectively) not supposed to be here. Idyllic past relics of dreams and life, images of a dead/dying/decaying/dilapidated future, and present day ails in the attempt to suppress or supplant the building blocks that predate. Dog(g) eat Dog, forever.