Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Effortlessly entertaining and engaging. Stop Making Sense is one of the best films i’ve ever seen. The probably best and most undeniable aspect of this film is the performance.  The Talking Head was a really freaking great band. And they are just in absolute full diplay here. And of course i need to talk specifically about David Byrne. He’s just one of the best. Not only is he really good at singing but he’s incredible at performing. He creates this separate characters for each song and perfectly performes what the tone of each song should be. He’s just such a great performer. 
To me this movie is the collaboration of two great artists David Byrne and Jonathan Demme. Demme’s direction is nothing sort of perfect. He so perfectly helps translate the energy this band has on stage to the screen. And actually gives the viewer a new and unique feeling of this show. Something that just feels more personal. Sometime a filmed thing of a live performance should do. And one thing i find just so absolutely amazing is the editing. The films was actually shot over the course of like 5 different performances. And you can not tell that at all. It flows so seamlessly. This could also be a testament to just how great the Taking Heads are at putting on such a tight show. Just an all around Masterpiece of film.

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