Captain Marvel ★★★

Mar Vel?

The Good:

The Stan Lee tribute. Enough said. RiP.

Captain Marvel is a very powerful comic book person. There’s a reason why she is needed in Endgame. I wouldn’t bet against her against anyone from the MCU. She has some badass powers. 

Goose the Pussycat. I haven’t adored a film kitty this much since Jonesy in Alien. What a fabulous furball of fluff. 

The back and forth banter between Carol and Fury. Most of the film could be classified as a buddy cop flick. There’s definitely chemistry between the two.

I almost felt like I was watching Top Gun for a second. But, my breath, never got taken away. 

Ben Mendelsohn. God Bless him.

Agent Coulson. God Bless him, too.

The Bad:

The plot is a bit sketchy. I didn’t really follow what was going on in the beginning. It felt like a hot mess and it was loaded with some shady special effects ripped from Plan 9 from Outer Space. This is the MCU. I expect only high quality special effects.

The lack of a powerful villain. One of the biggest weaknesses of the MCU is the bland baddie. Hell, we have next to nothing in the bad guy department. If only, I could snap my finger, and make the baddies more bad.

The Ugly:

The soundtrack. The music isn’t bad, it is too damn predictable. I guessed the final band about 4 minutes into the movie. I understand why the music is used, but it wouldn’t have killed your theme, if you fit Closer into your playlist. Cool t-shirt though, Brie. 

The polarization. Yo, this is nothing more than a stupid ass silly action movie. That’s it. If you love it, awesome. If Captain Marvel is your hero, I can respect that. I have friends who adore this movie and I’m cool with it. If you don’t like it, that’s cool too. We all have assholes and we all have opinions. Peace out.

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