Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon ★★★★½

There will be only one Bruce Lee. A man who faced challenges each day. A man who constantly had to prove himself. People challenged him, and Lee answered. He was the best of the best, but unfortunately, he did not live to see himself reach international superstardom. 

We would not have so many movies if it was not for Enter the Dragon. How many fight tournament movies have been made since? How many films with an undercover source waiting to be found? How many movies with a badass musical score that is simply perfect for the film and the action? Enter the Dragon is all this and some nunchucks to go with it.

Jim Kelly and John Saxton are both great in supporting roles. Kelly owns every second he is in the film. Jim Kelly is ‘70s cinema cinematic cool. 

Enter the Dragon
 is one of the most entertaining and influential action movies of all time. Please give it a watch.

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