Pump Up the Volume

Pump Up the Volume ★★★★

Before Facebook, iPhones, iTunes, AOL, and Twitter there was this really cool thing called a radio. Teenagers would listen to it and maybe even dance. What was even cooler than a radio? Pirate radio, an underground station that played awesome music and the DJ's could say whatever they wanted without FCC regulations. Pump up the Volume is the tale of amateur shock jock DJ Happy Harry Hard On and his underground pirate radio station. Harry played by Christian Slater in his prime becomes the star of his sleepy Arizona town and awakens the youth in this rebellious coming of age drama. Mix tape. Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi? Hypnotic iconic Leonard Cohen. Toy wang. The first time you see Christian Slater. Harry Palmer. A gusher? Extreme golf. The finger. Dorky dork parents. Shy Mark. Everyone wants to fuck Paige. Shop class. L.G.B.N.A.F. Sexy Samantha Mathis. Overdue library book. Lenny Bruce was the motherfucker. Pet lizard. Deaver the Dick. Bitchin' cordless phone. Fan mail. The way Christian Slater smokes. Red letter. Beastie fuckin' Boys. Serious Malcolm. Cock ring? Christian Slater's shades. Fuck you Yale! Exploding microwave. Manic Murdock. It's okay to be gay. Ms. Bitch Principal. Chubs the Swindler. Seth Green? Asshat news reporter fucker fuck. Nora's sweater. Burning letters. Sgt. Slaughter. Parent surprise. So fuckin' be it. Silly transmitter. Ivan fuckin' Neville. Slow dance. Samantha Mathis's perfect tits. Reverse bullying. Understanding teacher. Limo. Badass graffiti. Serious risky business. Firecrackers. Burning effigy. Backup. Concrete Blonde. Free speech hack? When a hot girl can drive a stick shift. Whistle blower. Fast lane livin'. Fuck you James Dean! Hard Harry is the real rebel. Familiar voice. High-speed chase. Pulled cord. Fuck the man! What a film. The chemistry between Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis is unreal. I love their slow dance. One of my all-time favorite scenes. Amazing eclectic soundtrack. There's a song for everyone in this film. There's also a character that almost everyone can relate to. That's what makes this film so real and such a great film to watch over and over. Get off your fuckin' iPhone and watch this film.

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