Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

I can’t believe I forgot all about Master P’s Scream rap. 

Scream was a slasher game changer. The sequel, Scream 2, is almost on par with the original. Its only problem is it peaks a bit too early. In my opinion, the cop car scene is the high of the film and then Scream 2 quickly spins out of control with a goofy silly finale. It could’ve had a very ballsy ending, but it played it safe. This safety though, is the reason why we will one day see a Scream 5

Scream 2’s opening is excellent. Sidney is solid. Randy is epic. Dewey is Dewey. Gale is Gale. Big props to Duane Martin’s Joel. He’s Gale’s new cameraman, and he was smart enough to get the hell out of town when the shit hit the fan. 

Overall, I had a blast revisiting a very entertaining slasher sequel that delivers almost everything we could ask for.

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