Se7en ★★★★½

Red Redding and Joe Black as cops up against a sadistic serial killer. Nine Inch fuckin' Nails. Gwyneth before she was annoying as fuck. Yummy spaghetti sauce! Dead and fuckin' bloated. The way Brad plays with his ink pen. R. fuckin' Lee fuckin' Ermey. A dead attorney. Fuckin' GREED. Fuckin' GLUTTONY. A library. Dante's fuckin' Inferno. Cliffs fuckin' Notes. Marvin fuckin' Gaye. Cool doggies. Uncontrollable laughter. A pound of flesh. A switchblade. S.W.A.T. Fuckin' SLOTH. The unknown photographer. When being alive really fucking sucks. Knocked up. A beeper. A pizza parlor. The Se7en deadly sins. Police fuckin' chase. The fuckin' rain. Probable fuckin' cause. A dark room. The phone call that changes everything. Fuckin' LUST. The Fuck of Death. The guy who killed The Crow. Darts. Fuckin' PRIDE. Keyzer fuckin' Soze. Unfinished business. Insane in the membrane. Chatting with Verbal. The delivery guy. Guess what's in the mother-fucking-fuck-fuck-fuck-fucking-fuck-fuck-fucking-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuckin' box? A souvenir. Fuckin' ENVY. Mother fucking WRATH! Near flawless. Morgan and Brad are the perfect team. Kevin Spacey deserved an Academy Award nomination even if he won in the same year for his role in The Usual Suspects. Why the fuck wasn't David Fincher nominated for Best fuckin' Director? One of the best films of the 1990's. A timeless film. A film your ass will never fuckin' forget.

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