Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

Iron Man 4

The Spider-Man saga still feels like a John Hughes film, but with a lot of quality special effects and plenty of action. Tom Holland is officially MY Spider-Man. His Peter Parker continues down the path of teen angst and young love. He’s still a kid, dealing with a lot of grown people problems. Zendaya’s MJ has a lot more to do in this sequel and Ned is still the quintessential Best Friend. I love this trio. Jake G shines bright like a diamond. He’s nearly flawless as Mysterio. We also have a lot of Nick Fury, Happy and Aunt fuckin’ May! 

Tony Stark’s legacy will never ever die. His character is very important in shaping the man Peter Parker will grow up to be. I hope like hell Spider-Man is the future of the MCU. The mid-credits scene makes me think he might be. But, the closing-credits scene is a head scratcher, and I honestly have no clue what the MCU will look like in the coming years. However, Far from Home is an awesome road trip adventure around the world. Fans of Spider-Man should be very pleased.

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