The Interview ★★★

The movie that almost started Cold Nuclear World War 3.0 finds real life best pals James Franco and Seth Rogen as stoner tabloid reporters who due to some unforeseen circumstances get the opportunity to rid the universe of the stupidest motherfucker on the planet. Beautiful singing. Kim Jong-huh? Marshall's closet moment. Happy dance. James Franco's teeth. Lord of the Who? Do you prefer Fat Seth Rogen or Kinda-Fat Seth Rogen? Rob Lowe ain't no joke. Goat fucker? Hot for Commie. Could James Franco play Joker? He does look semi-cool in a purple pimp suit jacket. I know who hates me, cuz he ain't me. The things I would let Agent Lacey do to me. Smelly wang. I have a confession: LIL JON's music makes me want to dance on my coffee table. Fat fuck wave. Yummy bubblegum. I wish I had a pet aardvark. I'd name him Fluffy. Playful pussy. Always carry lube. The way James smiles at Seth. Where's Dennis Rodman? Katy Perry flirtation. Macho margaritas. Cocktail moment. Basketball tits. Gangsta guitar pullin'. Bloody head. G N' R motherfuckers. Almost coitus. Interviewing like a boss. Finger payback. Poo pants. Tanks will fuck you the fuck up. Fireworks and puppies make movies better. This movie is not my type of humor, but fuck it. You should watch it and support free speech and all that other shit that makes us who we are. Franco and Rogen do have natural chemistry and it shows. The Interview is kinda violent at times and the violence is probably the funniest part of the movie. I would rather watch Pineapple Express or Team America, but give this a shot if you're a fan of extreme juvenile humor. An extra star for patriotism.