With Every Heartbeat ★★★½

Serious Nordic drama about a women named Mia and her future stepsister Frida and what happens when people fall in and out of love. Heavy breathing. Hot tub fun. Crooked flowers. Marlboro cigarettes and Zippo lighters go together like strippers and poles. Double engagement party. Oskar's smile. Daddy Daughter dance. Flirtatious flirting. Electric toothbrush. Toy flute? Frida's warm blue eyes. Moonlight tongue action. The thought you can't get out of your head. Awkward morning coffee. Sexy swim. Erotic touching. The morning after that first sensual fuck. Greenhouse doubt. Shoulder hickey. Arn the Knight. Late night escape. Serious doubt. Dinner debate. The wedding dress. Beachside lovey dovey. Orgasmic delight. The after fuck glow. Mia's smile. Runaway bride. Waking up from a dream. A lot of crying. Heartbreak. The other women. Fuckin' desperation. Airport run. Blast off. Crossword puzzles can be tricky. Surprise! Intense heavy drama. Cool soundtrack. Great acting from both leads. Not in the same league as Blue is the Warmest Color or After the Wedding but it's still a very good film. Recommend for fans of intense serious heavy drama. Also known as Kiss Me.

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