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  • Paterson


    A week in the life of a bus driver from Paterson New Jersey named Paterson. It's a fun straightforward little film, and doesn't worry about creating drama or carrying its characters through highly developmental arcs. It's all low key but interesting enough to keep you watching these people basically just go about their lives. Hell the biggest conflict that emerges is between Paterson and his dog, and even that's pretty cleanly resolved.

    Adam Driver gives a great understated performance as…

  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road

    A really charming but also a little heavy film about a small town cop fumbling through some difficult times in his life. Jim Cummings is a revelation as the cop, simultaneously bringing dorky charm and heavy pathos to an ever relatable story of simply trying to be a good dad and making a decent living. He has a number of monologues that vacillate between cringe and heartbreak, and he just effortlessly finds that balance that keeps you entranced the whole…

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  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    What a delightful early horror/thriller film. I absolutely loved the set designs and makeup utilized for the film- they really embraced the theatricality of the whole thing, which made it that much more enjoyable, while also terrifying at times. The acting was pretty good for the most part, but the real standout was Caligari himself- Werner Krauss. I really like how he handled the dual nature of the character, adding so much nuance in the last few scenes.

    Now I…

  • Guarding Tess

    Guarding Tess

    This was so 90s it hurt. Charming though, needed more Nic Cage losing his shit.