Dark Phoenix ★½

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This is probably the worst way for the X-men franchise to go out, not just because it’s bad (it is) but because I can already tell how memorable and forgettable it’s going to be. I love the X-men franchise ,maybe even more than the MCU, so this was frustrating for me.

I’m going to start with the positives. Firstly I found the last scene to be effective and a good conclusion for the characters in the scene. Another scene I liked was the final action scene which was pretty decent and had some good moments with Magneto and Nightcrawler. As well as this James Mcavoy gives a good performance and Michael Fassbender is great as always. Also the score was pretty decent from Hans Zimmer.

Unfortunately everything else ranges from bad to awful. Worst of all was the horrendous dialogue that consists of either: lines that were clearly only written to be put in the trailer or just straight up cringe-worthy. This is probably why the performances are as bad as they are. Tye Sheridan is horrendous and delivers the worst line in the film. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t give a fuck. Jessica Chastain is atrocious and looked awful with that white hair. I could go on but I don’t have all day. The screenplay in general is just awful because the plot is absolute shite as well. The Last Stand probably did the Phoenix story better. Dark Phoenix is extremely messy and rushed, it probably needed at least another hour on its runtime to flesh out the story and characters. 

This film is awfully directed, the film has no style, is just dull in every way and the first action scene is terrible. 


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