Parasite ★½

Looks like everybody is starving for social commentary in 2019. Parasite though is nothing more than a concentrate of ground level moralism that makes everybody happy. One plot twist after the other characters are crushed down and a glamoured violenced is used to give some kind of materiality to it.

Joon-Ho transforms that whole spectrum of human relations into psychologism and manipulation, life is the opposite. For two hours he pushes in your throat those cheap reflections with some incredibly long scenes used to make this same steril point.

It feels like some kind of fashion bag commercial spot that last too long, hasn’t a bag to sell but the idea that peoples and societies don’t exist beyond “the human nature that is violent and cruel”. But fear not, it’s just him that doesn’t know how to write characters or stories.

Immagine finding yourself into a bar and hear “how shallow and laughable those rich people are!!” - “How mean can poor people be to survive!!” The moralism never loose its grip on this perspective, every character pays up 1:1 his/her actions. The rule is: make it for children, than dumb it down some more.

An especially inconsistent writing that profits from the hunger of “understanding the social” to build a narrative inspired by the worst humanist dystopies (1984 and such) plus the moralist violence of contemporary tv series (black mirror, game of thrones, house of cards, hannibal, daredevil, fargo etc)

It’s not by chance that this has been a success at Cannes and worldwide, from left to right, even some relatives that usually despise a single drop of blood in movies are delighted by this. Because the narrative reconcile.

The fact that mainstream movies are now pulled between this and Marvel can give the idea of the agony of commercial screenings. Crushed between and increasing stressed practice of vision and social commentary strictly controlled by the giants of media entertaining.

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