Midsommar ★★★½

Since Hereditary is my favorite horror movie of all time, I was extremely hyped for this film, but I tried lower my expectations as much as possible so that anything above 6/10 wouldn't disappoint me. It was also the first time me and my parents had to drive about one hour to watch a movie in a cinema, since my local cinema didn't show it.

The story: I really LOVE the concept of this film. It's a idea you could make a horror masterpiece out of. But I thought the story could've been done better in Midsommar. It's disappointingly predictable without any surprises. But still, it does manage to keep the viewer interested.

The acting: Florence Pugh is the clear standout of all the actors in this movie. She's really great, but everyone else is also good. Jack Reynor definitely deserves a mention too.

The direction: Yes.

The characters: The characters are fine. Not more, not less in my opinion. I didn't care about them much, but I didn't watch Midsommar for its characters so that's not really a big problem. The sister backstory was unnecessary, even if it created a nice opening scene.

The pacing: My biggest and most unexpected problem with this movie is the pacing. It is very, very slow especially in the first two thirds of it and even creates a few slightly boring parts in between the genius horror scenes. The pacing in the last third is completely fine again. But the movie would've worked better for me if it was only 2 hours long.

The horror: The horror in Midsommar is just as good as expected and shows once again that Ari Aster is the best working horror director of our time. Memorable, extremely violent, graphic, incredibly well-made and just sick - I loved every single of the disturbing parts in this film.

The cinematography: This movie does have the best cinematography I've ever seen in a horror film. Every single shot is absolutely magnificent.

The editing: Also flawless? I think so.

The score: Together with Hereditary the best of the genre? Very, very likely.

The ending: ...wow. That's the best possible way to end this. Perfect scene to be honest!

Overall, Midsommar is a flawless visual and auditory experience you won't forget soon. But its writing and especially its pacing prevent it from being the masterpiece it could have been.

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