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  • Moonfleet
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much
  • Let's Make Love
  • A Tale of Winter

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  • Deer Woman

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  • Phantom of Death

    Phantom of Death

    Re-sharing my video essay about this film, and everyone's favourite actor Donald Pleasence, and watching genre movies in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, when my wife was pregnant:


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  • Deer Woman

    Deer Woman

    Deer and tits and a couple of chuckles up our sleeves remembering not to call Native Americans Indians, from all American boys John and Max Landis. Big first draft energy and some careless workmanship too imo

  • Chocolate


    Weird idea, I think John Carpenter already had it for Eyes of Laura Mars; a recently divorced man, who works at creating artificial food flavourings and is On A Diet (both those things strangely stressed), starts having visions from the perspective of a beautiful woman he doesn't know, escalating to her having sex - he feels the sensations she feels too - later her masturbating in the bath - yeah OK man - and ultimately her killing someone, when we…

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  • Stopover in Dubai

    Stopover in Dubai

    Scary movie - Chris Marker's last I think, made when he was 90? In 2010 a Hamas leader was found dead in a hotel room in Dubai locked from the inside. Dubai police make a 25 minute reconstruction from hotel CCTV footage of the alleged assassins and release it to the news. Marker just adds music to it. Amazing effect, transforms it into explicit narrative with clear peaks and troughs of suspense and emotion, and the primitive framing and silence…

  • Heard She Got Married

    Heard She Got Married


    Heard She Got Married is such a good title. Obviously I heard about this from The Important Cinema Club but it's the title that really sold me. Nice kind of indie thing it is good for the soul to watch every so often. Strong plot situation and solid character study. I like that it is made by men who go for long walks around their town. Fuck man I don't get many aimless walks these days with the twin three year olds in the house