Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★

Hooptober 2017 Presents: Scream 2

All of the best parts of the original are present, just in limited dosages. Less memorable characters, less meta-references, less gripping chases, less epic Ghostface moments, nothing is missing but everything is watered down. Scratch that, all of the parts return nary one: a satisfying mystery. I loved the original's gripping whodunit narrative and found the reveal to be masterfully presented. This sequel goes the opposite way and makes me believe Craven himself had no clue who should be behind the mask. The original Scream is my absolute favorite slasher so of course I was going to derive enjoyment from seeing more of the same despite these diminishing returns. The college setting is fun, there are a few genuinely great scenes, and my celebrity crush Sarah Michelle Gellar has a sweet cameo but beyond that nothing remarkably innovative occurs. Randy is completely in the right on this matter: sequels kinda suck.

5.8 / 10

Requirements Fulfilled:

Film Count: (26/31)
Director Select: Craven (4/6)
Sequel Tally: (4/6)

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