Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

I don't really know what to say, other than that it was the best theater experience I've ever had. The moment the very first scene ended I thought to myself "This was the best scene in the entire MCU". Three hours later that very same scene was just barely making it into the top 3. For the entire fist hour, every interaction between those characters that had survived Infinity War and were dealing with the massive loss they had, every interaction between those broken characters just felt like a direct punch in my stomach, in the best of ways. It brought my emotions to a very sensitive state, I had so many different reactions to everything that was happening before me. This feeling that the beginning of the movie installed in me was very enduring, so I got through the more funny part of the movie with a taste of melancholy that just wouldn't go away, but I liked feeling like that. I can1t explain why, I just did. And then it happened. When everything starts to come together for the final act, and *that* happens, well, at that point I just started bursting tears, tears that would only stop at the very end of the film. Not from sadness. It may have started in sadness, and had high points in sadness, but the tears weren't mainly from it. They were from a feeling of seeing something made for me, first and foremost for me, from seeing something that was so absolutely historic in cinema, from seeing something so big yet so not only so well made, but so passionately made, so thought out, so caring for its characters. I just couldn't hold that beautiful yet suffocating feeling in me, and every time something epic happened tears would just effortlessly and abundantly drop out of my eyes like it was the only natural reaction to seeing what I was seeing. And after those three hours of sparkling and incredibly heightened emotions ended, I just felt happy. Endgame made me genuinely happy, and that is definitely the biggest compliment I can give to a movie.

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