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  • The Raid

    The Raid


    *will write later*

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Remaking (I know this is technically a prequel, but come on) one of the greatest films of all time is a risky proposition. But sabotaging your own effort with slipshod CGI work, used over practical effects? Basically unforgivable.

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  • Krippendorf's Tribe

    Krippendorf's Tribe

    A list of things that occur in KRIPPENDORF'S TRIBE:

    • The titular anthropologist James Krippendorf, played by Richard Dreyfuss, steals grant money after the death of his wife —by all accounts, far more talented than he — to pay for life as a single parent...as wells TVs and VCRs.

    • To get away with that fraud, Krippendorf performs another: He invents a fake tribe from New Guinea, characterized by racist and invented customs, myths, and languages.

    • To try to…

  • Contagion



    A terrifying and, as it turns out, alarmingly prescient depiction of a pandemic, CONTAGION is the movie of the moment — nine years after it came out.

    In very short order, Steven Soderbergh shows the audience that nothing is off the table. Seeing a child die and having a lead star's face peeled off their skull is a good way to prove this.

    But Soderbergh's real stroke of genius comes in the form of montage. Using little more than the…