A Star Is Born ★★

this was shockingly bad, maybe more shockingly average teetering towards bad, but still. if this'd had better, more experienced and talented screenwriters, then this might have actually been good. gaga is good, but with what material? when you're good with sub-par writing and lyrics that are literally just sung exposition? it wasn't fun.

also, this is something I don't normally notice in movies, but this was edited so oddly? like, there were a lot of very sudden jump-cuts? and it really contributed to the lack of space that this movie had? i had no sense of time watching this movie, there were no reference points for how long or quickly things happened, it was just a sudden jump from scene to scene with no space to breathe and sit with the characters. there was no time for me to buy into their relationship (which I lowkey hated) or feel any chemistry between cooper and gaga.

and the costume design? who picked that awards dress? who dyed her hair? i wanted to vomit it was so ugly.

(also: am i the only one that feels like the ending was kind of horribly irresponsible? no? just me?)

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