Avengers: Infinity War ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

on second watch:

1) I enjoyed it more. More of the jokes landed because I wasn't constantly trying to figure out what was going on. Although a lot of them definitely still felt like a this joke worked in a past movie, let's do it again thing.

2) I will always be angry that they fridged Gamora. But I wasn't taken aback by it this time, so I was able to maintain a constant level of anger.

3) Thanos's plan still makes approximately 0 sense.

4) The spider legs were really cool, and Tom Holland is a gem.

5) Nat saying, "She's not alone," and then proceeding to kick Proxima Midnight's ass with Okoye and Wanda was amazing.

6) Bucky spinning Rocket around is a circle is the second best thing to happen in this movie.

7) That is second only to the "This is my friend, Tree." / "I am Groot." / "I am Steve Rogers." interaction, which is the most pure thing to have ever happened, ever.

8) As far as the criticism about certain characters not getting more screentime, I don't really get that? I stand by my first criticism that it felt like they were scared to give the Hulk anything to do. Or that they wanted to prove that Bruce Banner was just as useful. Whichever it was, it felt like they were scared to have him do anything because they need him for the next movie. On first watch, I thought Thor felt really out of place, but on rewatch, he fits into the story a lot better than I first noticed.

9) This is a part one. The ending sucks, but not because everyone turns to dust. I'm sure that part 2, where the effects of the ending are really felt and dealt with, will be good, but this felt entirely like the set up for that movie and I didn't connect to anything.

10) THAT WASN'T REAL LOVE SO IT SHOULDN'T HAVE EVEN COUNTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. (Marvel has a redeeming abusive dads thing. Not a fan.)

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