Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★½

I didn’t like this movie. 

I’m watching it now, so late after it was released, so long after awards season and the many articles because I wanted some time to get passed everything I’d heard (good and bad) and decide how I felt for myself.

I won’t lie I am extremely uncomfortable with the age difference between Elio and Oliver. I was 17 when the movie came out. I’m 18 now. I watched the trailer, read the plot, etc but I couldn’t see a world where it would be fine for someone my age to be in any form of romantic relationship with someone so much older at that point in their life. I hoped the film would help with that, but it didn’t. When I realised that I probably wouldn’t get over it, I just pretended that Elio was 20 and kept going. 

I still didn’t like it. 

This movie is beautiful ... to look at. And beautiful to listen to. The music and the cinematography, in particular, are amazing. But that was all I can say I found appealing in any way. I know not all films are supposed to ‘’‘be enjoyed’’’ and some go beyond that but I didn’t get that from this film. Elio and Oliver’s relationship never felt real, or like it had any depth. It fell a bit flat for me. I never got emotionally invested in them and I like to be emotionally invested in my love stories. I wonder if it was still the age thing but I’m doubtful. 

I will commend the film again for its aesthetic, I admire it and I took notes (I wanna be a filmmaker) but that was it. That was all.

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