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  • Babylon



    idk lol I think it's kinda great.

    The 3 hour runtime of this film serious wizzes past, at no point did I feel it drag or taking its time. At no point did I wish it would cut away from a scene or a character. I found the film really engaging throughout. Sure were there some unnecessary things we didnt really need and dont do much to advance the plot at all and maybe some stuff for shock value that…

  • Cherry Falls

    Cherry Falls


    This film has probably the most laughable plot for a slasher film maybe ever.

    It is so funny that they find out the killer is after virgins and they all just go NOW WE SHALL ALL FUCK. lmao. But I mean what are the other options. Doesnt really do anything other than present us with this absurdly stupid plot idea tho, which is probably got just about enough story for that kind of plot for about 20 mins. Make it…

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  • Five Nights at Freddy's

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    Those FNaf fans will just eat up anything with Freddy Wezzy on it, no matter the quality.

    IGN says "There's too much plot." Your basic FNaF fan is then "OMG IGN So dUmB thEy jUsT WaNt HiM To bE LoOkInG at The CamEraS All ThE Time. TherEs NO SUCH ThInG As ToO MuCh pLoT." Well there is such a thing as too much plot, and IGN never said that in their review. The reading comprehension skills of a FNaF fan…

  • Willy's Wonderland

    Willy's Wonderland


    Insane fun. FNAF by way of Terrifier.

    Is this film very stupid? yes. but does the film know its very stupid? yes.

    This film is just super dumb and super fun and it knows what it is. The film has fun with the knowledge of it's own ridiculousness.

    Unironically this film has a much better and engaging plot than the FNAF movie. The backstory and all the information is much more intriguing than what was presented in the FNAF film.…