Favorite films

  • Once Upon a Time in America
  • Taxi Driver
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • There Will Be Blood

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  • Psycho


  • Tower of London


  • Return of the Jedi


  • Million Dollar Legs


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  • Oppenheimer



    Opp and atom

  • Madman



    One of the camp counsellors straight up sees Madman Marz’s Eegah-looking ass lumber like Bigfoot behind one of the cabins, but because she can’t see him when she looks back she decides it’s “nothing”. Yeah Betsy, that’s how object permanence works. You literally just saw him walk behind that cabin.

    A grown man apparently willingly subjects himself to the nickname “T.P”.
    One character gets lost in the woods for about an hour and just walks around saying “where am I?”…

Popular reviews

  • Tales That Witness Madness

    Tales That Witness Madness


    The cycle of British horror anthologies of the early 1970s are one of my favourite micro-genres. This example is from 1973, and it’s something of a pity that then-contemporary developments in horror (e.g. The Exorcist, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Don’t Look Now) would quickly render such films totally obsolete.
    I’d like to see the horror anthology have something of a modern revival in the future  - though I suppose when you reach Joan Collins having a cat fight with…

  • Wake in Fright

    Wake in Fright


    Finally recovered in 2009 and Lord am I glad it was, even if the poor quality of the print makes most frames look like a Wes Anderson film.