Friday the 13th ★★★

Here's a movie made by people who saw everything the genre had to offer in 1980 and put it up on screen almost verbatim. Almost less a film than a works cited: Carrie, Halloween, Argento, Psycho. The framework is already so rigid there's barely time to let any oddness creep out and shade the anonymous characters, so what little there is gets easy to fixate on ("How could the rules of Strip Monopoly actually work?" "Didn't Steve say he'd be back after lunch? Does he know to pick up paint thinner?").

Although Mrs. Voorhees claims she's killing counselors to revenge her son, early in the movie we're told the camp is being reopened for inner-city (read: non-white) kids. Murderous racism disguised as a pious crusade against promiscuity: the 1980s.