Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★½


This being my first exposure to the kaiju genre and the Godzilla franchise at large, I was very impressed with what this accomplished. Having Hideaki Anno helm this reimagining is an unexpected choice, but a welcome one as it makes me appreciate that choice a whole lot more having seen Neon Genesis beforehand. Anno brings the spontaneity of humans having to fight giant hulking organisms to this genre and lays it down as a blueprint on which to create a compelling story on this new approach to an otherwise straightforward formula. As a result, it gains this uncertain ambiguity that keeps you guessing on how it the situation will resolve itself, where the narrative will turn next and makes for a more gripping and tense watch that keeps you wanting more. Which is the more impressive when you can make something as far fetched as a nuclear sea lizard devastating and horrifying within the context of this film. Seriously, Gojira is an absolute UNIT in this one.

I will add that I appreciated the inclusion of making it more about politicians attempting to maneuver red tape and the painstaking process of trying to actively confront the unique conflict they're thrust upon. It's refreshing to see these people trying to solve the problem as fast as they can, while also having the competency of attempting to keep losses and damage to a minimum. Especially since time and time again in media and unfortunately the real world, people are subjugated to the incompetence of corrupt, power-hungry, and shameless bureaucrats. It helps to ground the absurdity of the usual "monster go brrrr" creature feature and make for n impactful commentary of flawed bureaucracy that bleeds throughout the film, while also giving reassurance that it is something that can succeed when everyone gives the same level of urgency, concern, and attention. Which I wish is something that will come naturally and without hesitation to everyone one day.

Top all that off with some CRISP cinematography and a chaotic score, and you got yourself an intense and pulsating monster that is one for the books. I can't wait till I get the opportunity to see more of Anno's works, cause they're truly something else to behold. Godspeed, savvy

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