Bohemian Rhapsody ★★½

Rami Malek is going to win an Oscar for this, but aside from him I hope to see none of the people who made this during awards season. The cinematography wasn’t bad for a biopic and the pacing was surpassingly good for the length but the writing was just awful. From the actual dialogue to the concept of entire scenes (one was dedicated almost entirely to letting Mike Meyers sneak in a Wayne’s World reference and I gagged). I have no idea how anyone who isn’t a Queen fan could enjoy any part of it. 

But as a Queen fan, I was able to somewhat enjoy myself? and the Live Aid concert was actually a blast. I had no problem with the fact that they literally played like 12 or 13 songs in their entirety. I actually wish they'd played even more, as maybe they would have talked even less.

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