I thought this was going to be one of those movies that wouldn’t be good if you saw it outside of the theatre. While while I’m glad to say that that’s not the case, I do feel like experiencing this at the movies would have been much more memorable. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t confused at times and I’m not the biggest fan of the aspect ratio changes but despite those negatives this is still probably the best war film since The Thin Red Line

Nolan, to me, is like Spielberg in that because he’s so commercially successful, the artistic merit of his movies is often questioned. But this is his Schindler’s List, an undeniable masterpiece that proves he’s not just pandering to the masses. 

It’s always been okay to like Christopher Nolan movies, but Dunkirk makes it okay to take them seriously.

Just as an addendum, you could make the argument that several movies have already validated his body of work but I would argue that this is the ultimate validation as the other movies were buoyed by huge stars or, in the case of The Dark Knight, were an installment in an already successful franchise. Dunkirk, like Schindler’s List is a director-driven work, which is uncommon in Nolan’s filmography.

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