Easily the most nervous laughter I’ve ever heard during a movie. I’m having so much trouble putting a number on this one but I think it was amazing. I’ve been awestruck in a movie theater a few times before (Arrival, Sacred Killing of a Deer, Mother!) and I gave all of those movies five stars, so I’m going to keep that practice up here even though I’ll definitely need time to think about this one. I don’t even know how to begin to compare it to Heridtary but it feels like the other side of the same coin. The only thing I’m really sure of is that Florence Pugh absolutely killed it, from the opening seconds to the final shot. She fills in for Toni Collete as Ari Aster’s Leading Woman Who Screams and Cries A Lot, and just like Toni Collette she should (and won’t) be nominated for all of the acting awards.

Update: I knocked a half-star off because I never understood why Will Poulter's character was there except to make the audience feel more comfortable. If there's any movie ever made that shouldn't care about alienating the audience, it's this one. It felt like he was in a different movie and I kind of wish he had been.

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