Certified Copy

Certified Copy ★★★★½

A story within a story within a story. A copy of a copy of another copy. Alternate realities presented as the continuous flow of a conversation between strangers, or perhaps the same decade-long reality encapsulated into a single day. A time machine without rules or inhibitions.

Art is subjective. It's not the craft itself that matters, it's how someone's singular perception of it molds that same piece of art into something else. Elle and James encounter the same bride and groom throughout their visit to the village of Lucignano - Elle sees in them an eternal celebration of the meaning of love, something that she once had but will never get back, no matter how hard she tries. James, in turn, perceives them as a mere copy, ready to dust throughout the years and degrade into misery, like he did.

This is a beautiful film. There's a few theories about what's really happening here, and each of them molds it into a differente piece, with a different meaning. Kiarostami's ambiguous storytelling stands the tests of all of them. Masterful.

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