Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

For someone who grew up with no attachment to this franchise whatsoever, this reconaissence really is proving to be quite a surprise...

The Force Awakens was my favorite film of 2015. I don't know whether it would hold up at the top spot if I really thought about it, but it was the singular most satisfying theater experience I had that year, other than seeing Green Room nearly a year early. I praise Empire Strikes Back as one of the best films ever made. The Last Jedi had big expectations to live up to, even for me. And it was a blast.

It's not easy to grasp with a single viewing. I'll need to see it again to be able to fully drink it up. It fills me up with joy to see Disney let Rian Johnson fulfill his vision and take risks with the franchise. The Last Jedi is, more than anything, truly cinematic. From the gorgeous shades of dark-ish red that bleed furiously throughout the entire film, to the twists and turns that kept a Star Wars iniciate's heart racing and the rich character development that infects even the smallest of players in the game, this is a masterclass in blockbuster franchise cinema. The action scenes are wonderfully directed, and beyond all the space lasers and lightsaber battles, there are real human themes and a study on war that should not go unnoticed, and even the most fan-servicy moments redeem themselves with an emotional punch.

I won't say anything more in fear of ruining it for someone else, but I was immensely pleased with this one. It's no Empire - it peaks too soon and what follows might not be as hard-hitting as it should, but it's close. And I reckon it might get closer on a rewatch.

Rian Johnson for Episode IX, please...

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